Sunday, February 20, 2011

Set Collection: 2011 Topps Series 1

For 2009, I just didn't buy very many baseball cards because I wasn't exactly working full time hours. I ended up buying a factory set on discount to get Series 1 and 2.

For 2010, I didn't want to pay the ridiculous price for a hobby box or a jumbo box, so I purchased a completed Series 1 (and later a Series 2) from eBay. Since I don't usually complete the subsets from base Topps, this was very affordable.

For this year, I broke down and bought a jumbo box. I'm sure I'll post some more at some point about the box ... but not today. It did, however, leave me three cards short of the complete set. Thanks to a recent trade with BA Benny, I'm now just a single card short.

Anyone have an extra card of number 247 picturing Starlin Castro, that they want to trade away?

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Derek said...

Sooo...Currently I only have 1 Castro, but it I'll send it your way if you're willing to make a dent in my need list for 2011 Topps. Let me know