Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Mailman Brought Me Some Awesome!!!!

Thanks to Adam from Thoughts and Sox!!! I sent him some of my Red Sox Finest and he sent me a Chipper Jones N43, an Andruw Jones relic, 2 Maddux cards I needed, 2 Smoltz cards, a Glavine card, and some assorted other awesome Braves you can see below. Thanks again Adam!

Thanks to Charlie over at the Lifetime Topps Project (easily one of the best blogs out there) for the four Maddux cards and the Smoltzie card!!! Much appreciated my friend. 

Thanks to Derek at Tomahawk Chopping for 13 Braves for my Atlanta Braves binder, 8 Smoltz cards I needed, 2 needed Glavine cards, and 2 needed Maddux cards! Thank you, thank you, thank you, go Braves!

And finally, thanks to Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle for a giant stack of 88's and 89's as well as some assorted Braves. Awesome stuff Greg!


Derek said...

Happy to Help!
Question for you. Where did you get the list of all the Braves players from each year?

I'm going to steal your list for a project I am going to work on but I'd like to know where you got it

AdamE said...

Glad you liked what you got, sorry I didn't have any more. To many Braves collectors out there...

Chris Mays said...

Derek - I sent you an email about how I got my list. Basically, I just used www.baseball-reference.com. If anyone else reading this is interested, email me at MadGlavSmoltz@elocinsoft.com and I'll send instructions.

AdamE - Thanks again! I loved the cards.

Anonymous said...

Chris - no problem - you've still sent me much more than I've sent you!

Also - can you email me those instructions from bbref too? I'm trying to use the play index for something kind of similar and would be curious to see how you're using it. Thanks!

Derek said...

can you email me the links to your braves list again, for some reason I can't pull it up on your blog