Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group Break Hit: Random Braves Hits

Well, I've shown you the hits I got from Thorzul's December group break. He also ran a "interim cheapo" group break late last month where I also had the Braves. Basically, he found a lot on eBay that promised numerous random inserts, autographs and relics from virtually every team. Naturally, I didn't expect to land any big hits, but it certainly sounded like fun. Here are a few of the cards I picked up.
This would be my second Brandon Hicks autograph, and by far my favorite of the two.  My first auto has him in his college uniform in a Donruss Elite Extra Edition set from a few years ago. Now I have two Atlanta Braves Topps Chrome autographs from 2010: Brandon Hicks and Jason Heyward.
I don't remember Caellan at all. Either way, it looks like this player with this name is out of organized baseball in the US right now. (There are others with the name, so I could be wrong.) However, I just wanted to say, that I'm heading to Athens on Friday for the Braves Caravan where I will attempt to get a Brian McCann autograph. I just need to pick which card I want him to sign. Any suggestions? 
In better economic times, I would probably have built this set. Well, to be honest, I would have started building it and spent years and years slowly chasing SPs. I am a sucker for cards on cardboard and I'm a sucker for painted cards. Sure, this set has some dogs (such as the Babe Ruth - Chipper Jones abomination), but overall, I like it. Honestly though, without his name on the card, I'm not sure I would have been able to identify this as an Eddie Mathews card. That's no intended as an insult of the painting. It could just be a problem with my eyes.
This is a terrific card and I was fortunate enough to get two. If you have to get two cards of a Braves player, it might as well be Eddie Mathews.

P.S. - I'm running a contest.

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