Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wicked Trade #7: Even More Stuff

I recently completed what is easily my favorite trade in my life so far. Thanks to the Wicked Ortega for SO freakin' many great cards. (To see what I sent Alfredo, you can click here to see his post about the trade.)

He sent me so many cards, that I'm breaking it up into a week's worth of posts.

One more time, THANKS ALFREDO!

To be added to my Glavine collection!

To be added to my Maddux collection!

The most impressive thing may very well be what I haven't posted. A cool early Chipper, a Jason Heyward A&G, and so many base and insert Dan Uggla cards that at least 2,000 trees had to die to produce them.

Thanks Alfredo!

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