Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Topps Sucks

I was so excited about Eric Hinske signing for 2011 that I promptly hit my collection looking for a Braves card of Hinske to post. I thought for sure he must have been in Update. He wasn't. 

Nope. No card of Eric Hinske. Not in Series 1. Not in Series 2. Not in Update. The best power bat off the bench for a playoff team, but Topps couldn't see fit to give him a card this year. (Well, aside from a stupid relic for his former team.) Hey, Topps found room for light hitting Brandon Hicks in Chrome, but no room for Eric Hinske.

There was a time when the base Topps set was definitive. Those days are long gone.

Screw Topps and their shaving cream cards, and their fake error cards, and their veteran variation cards. I want cards of ALL the damn players. If you aren't going to fix the base set, at least bring back Topps Total.

You can call my Topps sets from the late 80s worthless. You can label them junk. Maybe, but at least they had all the damn players.

I love my collection, but I hate Topps.

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dayf said...

Don't worry, he's bound to be in one of the Upper Deck set- oh wait.

Well, Topps will surely add him to Heritage High numbers. Oops, they canceled that too...