Monday, December 20, 2010

Braves Collection: JD Drew

2005 Fleer
So, the Braves send a journeyman reliever, a former starter  and a starting prospect to the Cardinals for Drew, who had, to this point in his career, largely underperformed expectations. For the Cardinals, he was not the next Stan Musial many though he would be.

He comes to Atlanta and performed as was always expected of him. It was a lights out season. An MVP caliber season.

After the season, Drew cashed in as a free agent and left for the Dodgers.

That starting pitching prospect that was given up for Drew was Adam Wainwright. He was given up for ONE year of JD Drew. And so it goes.

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Derek said...

Come on man! I know its the Holidays but I don't want to see the ghosts of bad trades of the past. Can't you hold these guys until the new year?

Just kidding around, although I didn't really like JD in ATL or anywhere else he's been