Saturday, October 9, 2010

TROY GLAUS!!!!!!!! RICK ANKIEL!!!!!!!!

Enough said.

I'm happy because every other single game in the entire post-season has been AWFUL for me. Not a good year to be pulling for the Rays, Twins and Reds. 

The tide is turning!

Go Braves.

Cox passes Ankiel as manager is leaving and Ankiel's on way to interview room. "Way to go Rick," Cox says. "Thanks, Skipper," says Ankiel, and hugs the manager. Cox then continues shuffling on down the hall, his steel spikes clanging on the concrete as he walks with a uniformed police officer on either side of him through a hallway also used by fans to enter the lower level of seats. There are no drunk Giants shouting at him tonight, like there were in this hallway after Thursday's postgame presser, when I was walking behind him and heard it all. Drunks must leave quicker after a loss.

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