Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surprise Purchase: Finest Braves

I've always liked Finest, but I've never found the break to justify the price. That makes the inclusion of these cards that much more special. There were several hundred Finest cards in one of the boxes, and these are the Braves.

You may have heard of this guy. He's the best offensive player in franchise history whose last name isn't Aaron or Matthews. Anyone care to argue this point with me?
I miss Yunel. Well, I miss the 2009 version anyway.
For most Braves fans, Garrett Anderson was their least favorite ex-Angel on the 2009 team. For me it was Kotchman. If you think about it, in a round about sort of way, the Braves traded Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz for Casey Kotchman. Genius.
At no point could I ever possibly have too many Tim Hudson cards. Well, I do have too many Greg Maddux cards. (Does anyone really need 200 1989 Greg Maddux Classic cards?) Huddy didn't make it to the big leagues until 1999, well after the "junk wax" era, so I say again: at no point could I ever possibly have too many Tim Hudson cards.
I think Mac has missed his chance to ever be voted a starter on the All Star team. Inexplicably, he has lost the vote the last few years, most recently to Yadier Molina, which I can only chalk up as an attempt by AL fans to rob the NL of a chance to win the All Star game. Of course, Mac shoved THAT in their faces. Anyway, I figure Buster Posey is a lock for the foreseeable future as the All Star catcher so Mac will just have to be content with making the team every damn year. (The green parallel is NICE.)

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