Friday, September 10, 2010

Set Collection: 2005 Topps Total

This would be it. This is the set that got me back into collecting. I bought every blaster I could find. I bought every pack I could find. I even ordered a hobby box as my first purchase ever from DA Card World. I could just see myself putting this set together every year. How much do I love this set? Well, not only am I a single card away from completing the set, I only need 27 cards to complete the silver parallel set. (Did I mention I opened a LOT of this product?) If you have any to trade, I put my want list on the right.

This would be the best card in the set. We really need Martin to rake down the stretch drive ... he's the heart and soul of the Braves team and one of my favorite players ever.
For the life of me, I can't remember anyone named Tom Martin wearing a Braves uniform. The decay of memory would be alarming except I forget about most of the time. Ha ha ha ha. Ha. Ha.
Here we have a guy I wish I could forget his having ever worn a Braves uniform. 
Here's a guy I can fondly remember his wearing of the Braves uniform. Somehow, I wasn't aware he was still playing in 2005. He, of course, caught the fly ball that sealed the Braves' 1995 World Championship victory.
Remember when this guy was in the AL? Don't you wish he was back there?
Remember when the Twins rocked these jerseys every night? Aren't the new ones so much better?
Until recently, Eddie was my favorite backup catcher in the history of the Braves. Now I vote for David Ross ... still love Eddie though.
No. This card does not double as Franco's AARP card.


sruchris said...
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sruchris said...

I have these 2008 Upper Deck cards that you need: 210 249 310 532 603 620 665 692 707 735 777 789


Colbey (flywheels) said...

I can't help you with your quest to complete the set (I can though if you need any 2002 Topps Total), but I enjoyed the post. I just picked up that Prado RC myself.

Chris Mays said...

Hi Colbey!

I'm thinking of starting up a small Prado only collection. Amazing to think that just over a year ago, everyone thought he was just a solid utility man.