Friday, April 24, 2009

Braves Notes: Say What?

While searching for information about Glavine's recovery this morning, I came acorss this article from the Birmingham News. His premise that the Braves struggles over the past few seasons are a result of the lack of home-grown starting pitching talent is one thing. He's welcome to make that argument and I don't disagree completely, but there are a few things about the article that have gotten under my skin.
I think it is obvious at this point that if the Braves had any intention of dealing Tommy Hanson, they would have done so this past off-season. They had plenty of opportunities to deal him, but I think they view him as a potential ace and I expect he'll get his chance as a Brave in the very near future.
Smoltz at bat Credit My Wife MNicoleM
I also disagree with his assertion that John Smoltz was a product of the Braves developmental system. The Detroit Tigers traded Smoltz to the Braves in late 1987 for Doyle Alexander and he was already a AAA player. I'm not sure that starting 20 games in Richmond in 1988 really qualifies Smoltz as a product of the developmental system. (Of course, it was a rare occasion where we traded a veteran for a young guy with a high ceiling.)
Really, this is the kind of commentary I would have expected from someone who only follows the Braves from a distance. It isn't the type yo would expect from a major newspaper. My recommendation? For Braves news, stick to the AJC, MLB.COM, and especially Talking Chop.

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