Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Overdue

(Well now, THAT was an embarrassing typo. The title has been corrected.)

Sorry this has taken so long to acknowledge guys!

Thanks to Fuji for the AWESOME Maddux cards. I've even slipped the famous Fuji card into my 2008 Topps binder.

Thanks to the Collective Troll for the awesome cards! The highlights he sent me were a 1971 Fergie and a 1971 Lefty! The best though was the 1962 Adcock! Thanks man.

Finally, thanks to fellow Braves fan Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping. He sent me an AMAZING Prado autograph from Triple Threads and an awesome Glavine relic and more! (Can you say Glavine and Maddux?) It's getting harder and harder to find Prado cards he needs, but I've got my eye out Derek! I'll be all over any want lists you post my friend.

Once I start posting regularly again, I'll be getting pictures of a lot of these cards up.

(One More Thing. I've been posting every Sunday over at Talking Chop with a feature titled Braves Cardboard Sundays. Check it out! I'm also reviewing books for Talking Chop and I'll be receiving my review copy of the Smoltz biography soon. I'll let everyone know when that post is up.)

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