Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Set Collection: 1978 Topps

Last month, there was a card show over in Norcross, GA. I headed over with the intention of buying a few newer wax boxes and picking up a vintage Stan Musial. I also brought along my wishlist for 1975 and 1978 Topps. I was going through the new boxes on one of the tables, and it occurred to me that almost every new box I break leaves me disappointed. Instead, I set down at one of the tables with binders from seemingly every year and just started pulling cards from my wishlists. I walked out of there only 3 cards short of the 1978 set. Here are the cards I picked up at the show.

A few weeks later, I grabbed two of the remaining cards on eBay.

Now, thanks to Check Out My Cards, I have the last card I needed to complete this set.

I think I'm much happier with these cards (and the 1975s to come) than I would have been with yet another box of Finest or Chrome, as much as I like those products.

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The Chop Keeper said...

It's a great set-I just finished mine last year. Congrats!