Monday, November 21, 2011

College Football

Is it just me, or is college football the only sport left where they actually try and find out who the best team is and award them the championship? I'm not saying their system is perfect, but I admire the goal of it.

Is it really better to just have a tournament at the end? What does that prove? Is there any man alive who believes the St Louis Cardinals were the best team in baseball in 2011? I suppose there are a few idiots who think so, but this was a team whose record wasn't good enough to win any of the three divisions in the NL after 162 games. I'm not knocking the Cards mind you, I would have loved to see the Braves in the same position.

None the less, we are left with a MLB season that lasts 162 games, and means increasingly less whenever another team is added to the playoffs. With the new system, the Braves and the Red Sox would have made the post-season. This season, there would have been NO DRAMA in late September. Even the wild card drama pales when compared to the old championship drama. Remember the 1993 NL West race between the Braves and the Giants? That was about WINNING something, not simply finishing second so you could keep playing. So, now we have a system where a third of the teams get a shot at being champion and a regular season that lasts forever and determines nothing. By expanding the playoffs, is MLB sacrificing the regular season even more for a playoff payoff?

You can argue that playoffs generate more revenue and I can't argue with you.

You can argue that playoffs give more teams a shot at winning the championship and I can't argue with you.

You cannot argue that playoffs are a useful tool for determining who is best.

You can also argue there are the hopeless ramblings of an idiot and a lunatic and a hopeless traditionalist who doesn't understand modern sports. You'd be right.

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