Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went to the Ted Today

I got to go to the Ted today and I know who is responsible for Jair Jurrjens losing his perfect game. I was sitting next to three Phillies fans from Florida, and while they were very nice guys, one of them says, "Wow. He's got a perfect game going." JINX!!!! One pitch later, Martinez gets a single. I promptly ask for an apology, and he gives one. He then says, "Wait. I'm a Phillies fan. Screw you." Fair enough. Of course, I informed him that I would have done my best to jinx any chance Joe Blanton had at a perfect game, but I didn't get that chance since Martin Pardo homered in the Braves first at-bat. A fun, fun game. I return to the Ted on Jason Heyward bobble-head night.


Derek said...

Just wondering. Has anyone taken you up on emailing a death threat? It is part of your page, you know?

Chris Mays said...

I have received death threats on the net before, but not for anything I've said on this blog! At least not yet. I just wanted to make sure people emailed any threats to the correct email address.