Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Braves Collection: Tim Hudson Relic

While perusing a table at the FCB National Card show, I stumbled upon a Steve Carlton relic and a Chipper Jones relic I wanted. The guy was charging eight dollars per card, but had a special of three cards for $20. I had the two but I couldn't find another one I wanted. He told me if I take one, he'll give them to me for $18.

Well, technically, I still think it was too expensive, but I was at a card show, I had money in my pocket, and I really liked the Carlton and Chipper so I was determined to find another card I wanted. After a few minutes of my looking through his display cases, he set a stack of cards in top loaders in front of me and said maybe I'd find one in here. Well, I found the card I wanted at the very bottom of the stack.

Ever since that big trade I made with Alfredo last year, I've gotten into the Huddy collection business, almost in spite of myself. I wasn't really looking to start another player collection, but this guy is hard not to like. Easily one of my favorite players. This isn't a bad looking relic card at all either, even if it scans a bit dark.


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Derek said...

sweet card!

Colbey said...

I love those UD Elements relics.