Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, I'm pretty damned excited to watch the Braves - Mets game on MLB TV today. There's a problem. The broadcast is from WPIX. That's the Mets station. If there's anything I learned from watching a Braves-Mets game last year during spring training is that I cannot stand the Mets announcers. Embarrassingly bad. Awful. Pathetic. Basically, the perfect announcers for employment by the Wilpon family.

So, I've got the game on MLB TV and I'm streaming the Braves audio over my phone. Naturally, they aren't in sync. Oh well, at least I've got Braves baseball to watch again.


jimmy_d said...

Finally, Braves baseball!

Colbey said...

I've been gone all day...what was the outcome of the game?