Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Set Collection: 1971 Topps

1971 Topps is one of those sets where I wonder if I'll ever actually complete the set. Thanks to Rhubarb_Runner, I'm a bit closer. He even sent me a high number! The cards are filed away in my 1971 binder and removed from my want list.
The Martinez is a high number!!!
Dave Duncan is one of my least favorite coaches in MLB. I don't really care for anyone associated with Tony LaRussa with the possible exception of Albert Pujols.
Thanks again to Rhubarb_Runner for the trade!


Anonymous said...

YES! I hate Tony LaRussa as well. He is scum.

If I could erase one person from the history books, it wouldn't be a Bonds, a McGwire. If it wasn't them, someone else would have done it. No, it's the enablers, of which LaRussa is example #1, who are as much responsible for the steroids era.

Anonymous said...

LaRussa when trying to explain why he didn't think McGwire had used steroids:
``He (Canseco) would laugh about the time that other guys were spending there, and how he didn't have to, because he was, he was doing the other `helper,' '' La Russa said. ``He was having help in a different way. You know, the easy way.''

Larussa a few years later, when trying to defend his role in the steroids era:
"there isn't anything else that has happened on our ballclubs in Oakland or St. Louis that there's a hint of illegality. There isn't anything that we didn't actively and proactively attempt to do it right."

See what he did there! He twists it differently depending on what he's trying to defend.

Anonymous said...

Need I remind you all, he attended law school and earned a law degree? 'Nuf said.

Happy to trade with you, dude!

Chris Mays said...

I can't disagree with anything you guys say about LaRussa. I have other problems with him. A problem with aesthetics if you will. He doesn't manage the game with any heart or passion. He's just a cold figure to me.

Plus, if he and Dusty ever get into a fist fight, my money is on Dusty!