Friday, February 18, 2011

Braves Collection: Derreck Lee

2011 Topps
I was particularly excited when the Braves acquired Derrek Lee for the stretch run last year, and not just because Troy Glaus's production had collapsed to Scot Thormanian levels. I've just always liked him. I liked him as a Fish and loved him as a Cub.

He comes off as one of those quiet, excellent professionals. He reminds me a great deal of the Crime Dog, and interestingly enough, McGriff is #1 on Baseball Reference's Similar Players through Age 34 list for Lee. I hope he rebounds from his subpar 2010 and has a big year for the Orioles.

Thanks to Colbey for the card! It's in the Braves binder.


Colbey said...

I'll miss not having Lee in the clubhouse this year, but if Freddie lives up to the hype I'm sure the Bravos will be OK. I do hope that Topps includes at least a few other cards of Lee in a Braves uni.

Chris Mays said...

I hope so too. Maybe he'll be in Heritage in a Braves uni? Too much to ask? I bet it did Freeman some good to have Lee around at the end of last year.

It might be nice for Topps to put out a Hinske card with him in a Braves uni as well.

Community Gum said...

Lee was great for our Cubs for a good long while. People were starting to call for his head before the trade, but I think it was more a reaction to the team as a whole than anything D-Lee did. I do think it was time for the Cubs to try a new 1B, but I have a huge amount of respect for the guy.