Saturday, January 22, 2011

Set Collection: 1979 Topps

As any set builder will tell you, there's no better feeling in collecting that getting that last card you need to complete a set, and sliding it into a sheet in a binder. This set took me forever to complete. I started building it in, oh, let's say 1979. At some point, many of my 1979s went missing so I had to practically start over. Last year, I started sorting them out and I had around 200 from my old collection and another 700 or so that I had picked up from various card shops over the past few years. To my amazement, I only needed a single card. Well, sort of.

The card I needed was the infamous Bump Wills card. (For those who don't know Bump, he's Maury Wills son.) Despite playing for the Rangers, his card was originally printed with a Blue Jays banner across the bottom. At some point during the year, Topps corrected the card. I believe the corrected version is slightly more valuable than the error version, but I could be wrong.

I've never really been one to chase down error cards, but since both of these are affordable, I figured I might as well pick them both up. Well, thanks to reader Paul, I just completed a trade for both versions of the card. All it cost me was a handful of 1980 Topps. Thanks Paul!

This is the error card. 
This is the corrected version.

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