Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maddux Collection: 2009 Upper Deck #211

From the moment I laid eyes on 2009 Upper Deck, I thought it was an almost perfect Upper Deck design. The key word here is almost. For reasons that escape me, Donruss didn't use a color related to the team for the translucent background that surrounds the team logo. Does it detract from the set? Yes. Does it ruin the set? Not even close. In fact, I think the set is pretty damned great. (If this sounds like a repeat, it is.)

I would be remiss not to point out how much better this card would look with Mad Dog in a Braves uniform. Granted, every player looks better in a Braves uniform than a Dodgers uniform. It's the Braves! Mainly, it would look better because red is a proper background for the Braves logo.
It should be pointed out that Upper Deck got the colors right on the back. Blue is the Dodger color. The question is, why is the Red Sox logo in a blue box and the Dodger logo in a red box, as we saw with the Smoltzie the other day? Who knows. Does anyone other than me really care?

Did I mention, despite my bitching, how much I love this set?

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