Monday, January 17, 2011

Maddux Collection: 1991 Donruss #374 (including Border Variation)

I'm sure this is true of other cards in the 1991 set, but it isn't true of Glavine or Smoltz: the borders are different on the two cards. These are the same cards in the base set. Why are the borders different? Was Maddux double printed from a different sheet? I have far more of the card on the left than the card on the right.
Does anyone remember just how long base Donruss stuck with the same back? Yes, that means I wish someone would leave a comment because I am MUCH too lazy to walk upstairs and look myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this was the last year they did it. 1992 Donruss had different backs. So 11 years - 1981-1991.

night owl said...

The back was different in 1981, too.

Although the backs between 1982-1991 were essentially the same with the same info and look, the backs from 1982-84 were slightly different than those from 85-91. (The career stats were boxed from 85-91, unlike the earlier years).