Thursday, December 16, 2010

Braves Collection: Diory Hernandez

2009 Topps
Yesterday, I featured a card of light hitting utility man Brandon Hicks. Today, I feature light hitting utility man Diory Hernandez. Hernandez, like Hicks, is a good defender at short, second and third. For Atlanta, Hernandez, also like Hicks, has been anything but a good hitter. Diory even managed to score five runs despite only getting a single hit.

Oh what a hit though. With this blogger in attendance, Hernandez cranked a home run to lead off the bottom of the sixth, just moments after the Nationals had taken a 2-0 lead. It would be the start of a rally that would see the Braves net four runs in the inning and eventually win 10-2. Hernandez keyed the rally that won the game for the Braves. In a year where the wild card race went down to the last game of the season, perhaps it's fair to say that without his home run in this game, the Braves aren't in the playoffs. It was a truly great moment.

Unless a deal is made, it is likely that Hernandez will be serving in his utility man role for the Braves this year. While he's no Omar Infante, he has one distinct advantage over Brandon Hicks: he hits in the minors which means there's always the potential that he figures things out and becomes a productive major league hitter.


Derek said...

Seems like a scrappy guy with hustle. I like him and hope he becomes productive.

Chris Mays said...

I do too Derek! For a variety of reasons actually. With Gonzo gone at the end of this year, it would be great to see Diory step up where we don't have to go after someone.

Of course, I just like the kid. It would be great to even see him turn into a capable, Infante style utility guy.