Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Braves Collection: Craig McMurtry

1985 Leaf
Career Highlights

1983 - Runner up for Rookie of the Year, and finished seventh in the Cy Young voting after a terrific first year. It looked like the former first round pick would live up to the hype.

1984 - Let's just say this: Braves fans were hoping it was a sophomore slump.

1985 - Back in the minors.

1986 - Gave up the first home run ever hit by Barry Bonds.

1987 - Traded to Blue Jays for nothing (basically). Pitched AA and AAA all year.

1988 thru 1990 - Traded to Rangers. Dealt with arm trouble while bouncing back and forth from the minors to the majors.

1991 thru 1994 - Minor Leaguer for the Pirates and the Giants. Pitched OK, but doesn't appear to have ever been considered for a call up.

1995 - Scab.

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