Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surprise Purchase: Bowman Autographs

Well, the boxes had a lot of Bowman cards, which means there were a lot of autographs. The question is this: would they be autographs of anyone I give a hoot about? Did I find anyone whose autograph is worth owning? Let's see.

Well, I know his brother is in the Braves organization. Or was. I don't remember. No matter. I know that Kila didn't exactly set the world on fire for the Royals this year, although he showed a lot of pop towards the end of the season. He was, however, a stud at AAA. The questions now is this: is he a big league player of a AAAA player? Time will tell.

Wow. This guy moved right through the minors without problem, but hit a bumpy road in AAA this year, where he posted an ERA almost two runs higher than his previous high. Still, he was great down the stretch for Memphis and may end up filling the 5th starter slot for St. Louis at some point next year, although he should start the season again in Memphis. 

A former first round pick who has yet to hit above .223 in the minors. I'm not holding my breath for his big Phillie debut.

Played well in high A this year, and got called up to AA where he struggled, but was far from awful. He really isn't considered a prospect. 

He's a Padre now and has seen action in 50+ games this year where he's proven to be a solid big league player. Nothing jumps out at you, but not bad at all.

He's bounced around the minors for years. (He was originally drafted in 2001.)  He had a cup of coffee with the Angels in 2007. He had some pop, but it must have desserted him. Why is this guy in the set as an auto?

A lot of the people who follow the Royals like this kid a lot and he had a strong second half. 

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