Sunday, October 17, 2010

Set Collection: 2002 Topps Heritage

Honestly, the 1952 Topps set is Topps most iconic set for reasons that have nothing to do with design. It was the 1953 set where Topps showed that they could make a beautiful baseball card and it is the 2002 Topps Heritage set that is still the class of all the Heritage sets. (I'm just two cards away from completing the set -- you can see my want list to the right.)

Here's the Braves newest former first baseman and he's a pretty hard guy not to like. It's too bad we didn't have him for the past few years! His time with the Braves ended when the Giants won the NLDS.

Here's one of my favorite first basemen in Braves history. The Big Cat was great and his comeback from cancer was one of the coolest things I've witnessed as a baseball fan.
This guy was going to be the Braves first baseman for a long time, but then the Crime Dog arrived and he had to learn to play the outfield. I used to love his little bat toss after a home run, but man, if he had played in Bob Gibson's day, he would have taken many a pitch in the ear.
This guy had another terrific season for the Padres and I like him a lot for one very special reason. He didn't get a single hit off the Cubs when the Padres went 1 - 3 in that series just over a week ago. Thanks for the help getting the Braves into the post-season Adrian!
Sometimes, you wonder what could have been. How can you be that good and then suddenly be washed up by your 31st birthday?
How can you not love the best hitter in the National League in old school threads?
One of the classiest pitchers in the history of the Braves organization. He had some SERIOUS eyebrows going there.
I was racking my brain trying to figure out what that look on his face represented. Is that anger? Confusion? Did he spot a babe in the stands? Then I realized, this is John Rocker. The look represents sheer stupidity.

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