Sunday, August 22, 2010

Set Collection: 1976 Topps

The best complete sets are the ones you didn't even now you had. I pulled out my monster box of 70s and early 80s cards and started sorting them a few weekends ago. To my complete and utter shock, I had the complete 1976 set. I have no idea how this happened, but I'm not complaining.
Any set that starts off with a Hank Aaron card is OK by me.
I've always been a big fan of the Spaceman. He tells it like it is. Plus, I've always wanted to try a little marijuana on my pancakes in the morning.
This is the first Hank Aaron card I ever owned. When I got it, I wasn't bothered at all that he was wearing a Brewers uniform. After moving to Georgia in 1981 though, and becoming a tried and true Braves fan, I think it looks odd.
In 1976, when Topps had a stupid gimmick, they just shoved in the set. They didn't create this as a short printed variation of Bevacqua's regular card.
The prized rookie card in the '76 set is Dennis Eckersley ... one of my least favorite players of all time.
Uh oh! My Knucksie was miscut. Somehow, I'll survive.
I prefer the Topps sets where they just placed a player's All Star designation right on their main card. This leaves more room in the set for other players. (On an unrelated point, I once rode on the same airplane as Rod Carew.)
I've only included Lefty because I wanted to scan a whole page of cards and he was one of my favorite players when he was pitching. He is still one of the two or three best pitchers I've seen pitch.
I should point out that I'm not the one who wrote on the front of this card. I'm told that I should look to upgrade cards like this, but to tell you the truth, I don't see the point. I like the card just like this. Who wants a bunch of perfect old cards anyway? Cards with creases, rounded corners and written words have far more character.

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