Monday, August 30, 2010

Braves Collection: 2010 Gwinnett Braves Team Set

This is another set I picked up at a recent Gwinnett Braves game. I'm digging the wood-grained borders ripped off from 1962/1987 Topps. I forgot to scan the backs which is too bad because after the ridiculously boring 2009 design, the 2010 backs are just excellent. I a much too lazy to hit the scanner again this morning. Sorry.

If you are an Atlanta Braves prospect, and you have broken your wrist, please, for the love of God, DON'T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND KEEP PLAYING. I still hope Schafer can find his way back to the Atlanta team. We could have used him in center this year.
Here's how you can tell the difference between our backup middle infielders. Diory Hernandez can hit in the minors. Brandon Hicks can't hit anywhere.
I hope that Freddi Gonzales gives this kid a shot at the centerfield job next year. He's awfully fun to watch play. I guess if they don't give him the shot, I can just keep enjoying his play at Gwinnett.
Seriously ... remember this kid's name. You'll be hearing a lot more about him.


dayf said...

Freddie's almost certain to be called up on September 1st.

Gwinnett does good team sets, that's for sure. I like that stars that go down for a rehab get a card in the set.

Chris Mays said...

He's really tearing it up, isn't he? He's certainly earned the shot.

It is cool they include the rehabbing players. I also like that they had the 2009 team sets for just two bucks each. Damn cool. Got two ... one to keep as a set and one to take the Glavine for my Glav collection.

Great park to watch a game too.

GA Mindset said...

I keep meaning to pick up my team set. Did you see Diory hit that walk off home run against Washington that jump started their comeback. I'm going to go ahead and post up my Diory Bowman rainbow on my page, seems fitting seeing that you mentioned him.

I am from Gwinnett, but stationed in VA. They're coming to play Norfolk Tide here soon, hopefully I can catch some of these guys play. Have you seen Beachy pitch? I am excited to see what Freddie is going to do.

Chris Mays said...

Beachy pitched the game I was at. He had a few problems early, but he pitched pretty well overall. He seems to have come out of nowhere to me. He was just totally flying under my radar.

I live about 20 - 30 mins from Coolray Field, so I can't believe I just made my first trip to see the G-Braves play. I had a great time. If I'm still working at home next year, I'm going to see a lot more games. I think they play their last home game tonight, but I'm swamped so I doubt I'll make it.

I gotta try and make it to a Rome game next year.

GA Mindset said...

I went ahead and posted up my Diory Bowman rainbow I've collected.