Monday, July 26, 2010

Autograph Collection: Brian McCann

How can you have the kind of career this guy is having, and have it happen quietly? Yes, there is a better catcher in baseball than Brian McCann. There is exactly one better catcher, Joe Mauer. Every other catcher, including Russ Martin and certainly including Yadier Molina is inferior.

How good is Brian McCann? Well check out this article where they make the case that McCann is on his way to a Hall-Of-Fame career. Their reasoning? At this point in his career, McCann is better than all Hall-Of-Fame catchers except Johnny Bench and Gary Carter. Yes, even better than Yogi Berra. (Well, if you accept Wins Above Replacement as the ultimate stat for this comparison. I have no problem with it, especially since it makes Mac look so good!)

Ponder that next time you have an All Star ballot in front of you.

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