Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Wife Loves Me

I haven't been buying baseball cards this year because I've spent most of the year not working ... buying new cards hasn't been a priority. So, imagine how happy and surprised I was when my wife brought me home this ... These are both my first of the Topps cereal boxes, and my first series 2 cards of the year. Now, the great thing about being a set collector is that you want and need every card in those first packs. This is easily my favorite Topps base set since I got back into collecting in 2005 and this pack did not disappoint. The design is fun and the photography is the best I can remember in a base Topps set. As for the inserts, they were Cy Young crazy. First, there was a Legends insert. And, there was a Turkey Red as well. (I love this card.) There was also a Cal Ripken insert. Nice card of a great player. Too bad I don't really collect him. There were also two better cards, at least when you consider the name of this blog.

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Nicole said...

your wife *does* love you :-)