Thursday, April 9, 2009

Braves Collection: Willie Harris

2008 Upper Deck #49 Local boy "done good"! Cairo, GA! Kennesaw State University! Hell yeah!
From the moment Willie arrived in Atlanta from Richmond in late April 2007, until late July of that same season, he was one of the great success stories in Atlanta baseball history. Well, one of my personal favorites anyway. For a few months he could seemingly do no wrong. I remeber that he ...
  • Almost hit .400 in his first month as a Braves.
  • Stole three bases in one game against the Marlins.
  • Had a 6 for 6 game against the Cardinals.
  • Robbed a home run off the bat of Carlos Delgado.
  • Never looked like he was having anything less than the time of his life.
His numbers would crash late in the season and the Braves would not offer him a contract. He ended up with the Nationals where he was, at best, merely OK. Still, I think all Braves fans are pulling for him. We'll never forget those few months where the local boy "done good". Very, very good.
Any memories of Willie?


Captain Canuck said...

I remember all of those games. Back then, TBS was still showing all the games. The Braves had a few of those kind of players. Charles Thomas was another one. Chuckie T! Then he was gone, not to be heard from again...

Chris Mays said...

There's nothing I miss more than Braves baseball on TBS. I travel for work and the one thing I used to be able to count on was seeing the Braves in every hotel room I had. No more.