Friday, March 6, 2009

Christmas Packs: 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights

OK, I'm trying to complete this set. My wife gave me a total of 12 packs of this stuff. 10 blaster packs, a retail rack pack, and a retail pack. Before opening, I needed 22 cards from the base set. How many did I get in all these packs? 301 - Tony Pena 302 - Brandon Moss Hey, two is better than none. I also got a John Smoltz double (the 3000K card) for my Smoltzie binder. I may try to complete the World Baseball Classic insert set. I pulled Ichiro and David Ortiz. I gotta say, I prefer insert designs that differ from that of the base set, and these are just too similar. It doesn't help that I don't care for the look of these cards at all. The white border juts into the picture a bit too much for my taste, especially for the Topps logo at the top of the card. The pictures all seem small to me. The blaster had a jersey card of Mark Mulder and I have to say, it's about as dull as any jersey card I've laid eyes on. It's been said repeatedly, but the value of jersey cards (and I don't mean monetarily) is greatly diminished by the sheer number of cards available. I do like the Target Topps205 design though and best of all, I got a Brave! It's always nice to pick up a cool Chipper card. I got Griffey Jr. as well which isn't nearly as big a deal since he signed with the Mariners instead of the Braves. (It would have been really cool to see Griffey roaming left field in Atlanta but it wasn't meant to be.) Well, I'm slightly closer to completing the set. I'll post my want list and my bait from this set tonight.

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