Monday, March 16, 2009

Braves Collection: Jeff Wetherby

1990 Upper Deck #611 Here's another guy I just don't remember. His only year in the big leagues was 1989 where in 52 games he got 48 at-bats which means he wasn't starting much, which makes sense or I would remember him! The Braves would trade him to the Indians and he would bounce around the minors for a few years, ending up in the Seattle system. While looking at these guys, players who didn't have much of a big league career I have to wonder, do they appreciate their cards more than the more accomplished players? Do you think they appreciate the opportunity to have been a major leaguer, however briefly, more than the stars? The early Upper Deck designs are classic. I actually prefer the 1990 design to the 1989 design. The large baseline up the side of the card on the '89s is distracting. (I hope Wetherby got an action shot on his other cards.)

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