Monday, March 9, 2009

Braves Collection: Craig McMurtry

1985 Leaf #45
Craig had a pretty good rookie year, but it was all downhill from there. I would think that at this point, he's best remembered as a scab with the 1995 Houston Astros
The 1985 Leaf set is to the 1985 Donruss set as all of those O-Pee-Chee sets were to Topps; it was the Canadian version of Donruss. The design was identical, featuring the same photos, but included a leaf in the logo on the front, and the backs were bi-lingual. To this day I love the '85 Donruss design and I need to get off my ass and see how close I am to completing that set. I think this is the only '85 Leaf I have.

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